Connection SLI 2.2

Connection SLI 2.2

Connection SLI 2.2

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Connection SLI 2.2 on aktiivinen 2-kanavainen (vasen+oikea) linjamuunnin joka
muuttaa sisääntulevan kaiutintasoisen signaalin linjatasoiseksi signaaliksi.
Signaali tulee laitteesta ulos kahdella naaras RCA-liittimellä. Laite osaa
antaa myös herätteen vahvistimille silloin kun sen sisääntuloihin
tulee kaiutinsignaalia soittimelta.

Alla Connectionin kattava englanninkielinen esittelyteksti tuotteestaan.

Conversion achieved thanks to high-quality transformers that preserve the entire bandwidth
and to the STOP NOISE technology offering total rejection of electrical interference as
transformers provide a galvanic separation between source and amplifier.

Robust and compact shielded aluminium chassis with connection diagram on the bottom and
connection panel on one side that facilitates installation even in the rear dashboard.

Wiring labelled and terminated with Molex connector featuring a tear-proof plastic strip,
for a long-lasting and easy connection.

DSR (Double Step-Down Ratio)
High-Power (8:1) and Low-Power (4:1) step down conversion ratio selectable via DIP switch
independently for each input, front and rear, for a correct interface with both traditional
OEM sources (Low-Power) or OEM amplifiers featuring high-voltage
outputs (High-Power) up to 35V RMS.

USS (Universal Speakers Simulator)
It simulates the load of the speakers on the 4 input channels (Front and Rear),
for a complete compatibility of the interface with the OEM sources that detect
the original speaker load (impedance) connected to their outputs.

ART (Automatic Remote Turn-ON)
Function compatible with all OEM sources, including the latest generation ones, which creates
a 12 V output for the remote control of the amplifier when the SLI is powered.

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